Commercial Drone Video

Drone Video of Spokane Bloomsday 2017

Bloomsday is an annual 12k foot race and had a 2017 attendance of 38,748 participants. We shot aerial footage in collaboration with MWH /Stantec and Spokane Drone Photography, our companies respectively capturing ground and drone footage of the race. Our drone was launched near “doomsday hill” which is a moderate but lengthy incline located near the end of the race which requires runners to push themselves to climb in order to reach the finish line. Congratulations to all of the 2017 participants! Thanks to Travis Bush of Stantec for the excellent ground footage!

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PBS Nova “Killer Floods” Season 44 Episode 18

In 2016 I worked as a drone camera operator on the crew of a documentary film in the area of Washington State known as Dry Falls, or “The Scablands.” The production, which covered unique geological features shaped by mega floods in the USA and Iceland was released Oct 10, 2017. I was hired as the drone cinematographer for the Washington State portion of the film, which features extensive aerial cinematography. The story is narrated by Scientists from both locations who uncover geologic evidence of epic floods that tore through ancient landscapes.

Watch the Preview here

Watch the full length film here

PBS Nova Killer Floods Season 44 Episode 18

PBS Nova Killer Floods Season 44 Episode 18










Another cinematic video was produced by us in the same area in 2016 which can be viewed below

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BBC Documentary: “I Shot my Parents”

Spokane Drone Photography and Isaacson Aerial Photography worked with BBC Current Affairs to film drone footage for this documentary film which takes place in Washington State. We provided the drones, remote pilot, and drone camera operator for the production. We were honored to be chosen as the aerial video company for the film and received very positive feedback from the producer after the project was completed:

“If you need drone photography in Washington State, I’d highly recommend Rob and his team. His footage is stunning, cinematic and thoughtful. He is also a great collaborator and team player with no request or shot too difficult to achieve. Rob’s footage has transformed my film.” -MW

“In 2013, 14-year-old Nathon Brooks walked into his parents’ bedroom and shot them both in the head while they slept. Astonishingly both his mum and dad survived. Filming with Nathon and his mother and father, this programme follows the incredible journey of the Brooks family as they come to terms with what their son did and as they try to understand why he did it.” (BBC)

Check out the trailer below:

Here is the full 60 min production:


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Advanced Radon Aerial Project

Spokane Drone Photography worked with Advanced Radon to complete this aerial project with over 30 locations all over Spokane.  Advanced Radon Technologies, Inc. has actively been working in the radon industry since 1990. With their unique combination of patented radon testing equipment and HVAC design experience, they offer capabilities not found in any other radon firm in the United States. As a licensed contractor, their staff have completed radon mitigation projects ranging from the 9-story U.S Federal Courthouse/U.S. Post Office in Spokane, to several school districts to thousands of single family residences.  A sample of images from the project are shown here:

Check out the video below:

Have a project like this?  Give us a call!

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Drone Interview with Spokane Talks Online Radio Show

SPOKANE WASHINGTON – Kent Adams from the radio show Spokane Talks Online hosted Rob Miller on March 15 to discuss the upcoming drone conference happening on Tuesday March 21st from 9 AM to 5 PM at the Spokane Convention CenterSpokane Drone Photography will have a vendor booth at the conference and Rob will be speaking at 3:00 PM AM along with fellow photographers and drone pilots Andy Keatts and Grant Gillies.  A stunning drone video produced by our team will be featured at 10:00 AM featuring content from Rob, Andy, Grant, and several other local media professionals. 

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