Aerial Photogrammetry / Aerial Mapping allows capture of high-resolution imagery over large areas of ground. Our software does this by combining hundreds or even thousands of drone images into a single high-definition map-style image. Once the data is captured it is processed and delivered into several formats, ready to be used by your software. It can be used for any project from a single family property to a large campus and everything in between.

Below is a map that we built for a client for parking lot measurement and inspection at a Home Depot

Example of the high level of detail in our aerial mapping imagery

Here is the same image in elevation view

Altitude map with color coded elevations. Warmer colors are higher altitude and cooler colors are lower altitude.

Here is the overlay of the image on Google Maps

Photogrammetry Google Maps Overlay View

View a link to the overlay map here – zoom in to see the high detail overlay

The data from the elevation map can also be used to build a basic 3D model of the area

Aerial 3D Map

The deliverables from our mapping software includes the following file types

  • GeoTIFF (TIF)
  • Full Resolution Image (JPG)
  • DEM GeoTiff (TIF)
  • Colorized DEM GeoTIFF (TIF)
  • Colorized DEM (JPG)
  • 3D Google Earth (KMZ)
  • Point Cloud (LAS)
  • Point Cloud XYZ RGB (TXT)
  • 3D Model (OBJ)
  • 3D Material (MTL)
  • 3D Texture (JPG)

Many of these files can be used directly with CAD/Drawing software to enhance the design of your project.

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