UAV Coach Drone Pilot Ground School Interview

Interview with Alan Perlman of UAV Coach & Drone Pilot Ground School

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Rob from Spokane Drone Photography had the opportunity to be interviewed by Alan Perlman of UAV Coach and Drone Pilot Ground School on the topic of flying drones commercially, and the transition from a part time photographer to full time.  Alan and his companies have a following of over 35,000 drone pilots and photographers all around the world and it was a privilege to be featured.  This video is made available as part of the training series as a value-add for the students but you can watch it for free here.  It’s about 47 minutes long but I believe that it is worth watching if you are interested in entering or learning about the drone market.

For more information on the courses they offer, check out and for more information on hiring our certified FAA part 107 drone pilots, click here