The following services are provided by Spokane Drone Photography:

Aerial Photography
We have the ability to capture images from unique locations in the air using drones, airplanes or helicopters.  Aerial photography offers a new and exciting opportunity for clients in many different industries.  This includes the sale of residential or commercial property, damage inspections, business marketing, magazine stock images, local city advertising (chamber of commerce), or visual documentation of construction progress just to name a few.  Your images will be professionally edited and delivered on time and on budget.

Aerial Video
We think a great video will set you apart from your competition.  Take your project to the next level with a high quality production from Spokane Drone Photography.  From the sale of residential or commercial real estate, to footage for television or film, we have the ability to capture ultra high-definition video from the air and the ground.  YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year so this trend is here to stay.  We can help you be a part of it!

Production Services
We offer full production of images and video using the latest technologies.  Images are edited by professional photographers and will look true-to-life with bright accurate colors.  Video is produced using advanced rendering software including color correction, video speed adjustment, titles and headings, text callouts, and custom branding with your company’s logo and text.

Remote PIC Services
Do you want to make money flying your drone but are not certified for commercial use?  FAA Part 107 rules allow a non-certified pilot to operate their drone commercially under the direct supervision of a Remote PIC (Pilot in Charge.)  Spokane Drone Photography offers flight supervision for non-commercial operators.  All safety guidelines, pre-flight checks, airport communications, and visual inspection of unmanned aircraft will be performed and will proceed if the flight is determined to be safe.

Do you want to learn how to effectively use a drone while operating safely and having fun?  We offer training and support for UAS operators wanting to learn more about their equipment.  We own and operate many UAS brands and camera technologies and can offer guidance for safely operating your aerial equipment.  Whether it is speaking to a group in a classroom setting or live training in the field, we have you covered.

Other Services
Do you require services not listed here?  Contact us today and we will make it happen!